Prof. Dr. Stevan M. Stanković: Serbia - Cities, municipalities, settlements.

Mirko Grčić


The great Serbian geographer Jovan Cvijić bequeathed his students and followers to study the Serbian lands and the Serbian people. The best living representative and supporter of Cvijić's school of geography, prof. Dr. Stevan Stanković, emeritus, realized his intellectual debt a long time ago and devoted himself to that goal. As Cvijić used to be, so is prof. Stanković traveled tirelessly, carried out field research on mountains, lakes, rivers, inspected practically every corner of Serbia, visited every city, museum, monastery, spa. In addition, for each of his researches, he studied extensive literature of various scientific origins and wrote tirelessly. His great work energy, but also his talent for scientific work and field observations, is evidenced by his huge scientific opus, which ranks him among the most productive Serbian geographers of all time. He synthesized and presented his vast knowledge and decades of experience in geographical studies of rivers, lakes, mountains, spas, cities, roads, tourist attractions and sights of Serbia in this book.

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