Tourism climatic index in the valorisation of climate in tourist centers of Montenegro

Marko Joksimović, Mirjana Gajić, Rajko Golić


Climate is one of the main factors for the development of recreational forms of tourism in Montenegro. It affects the temporal arrangement and spatial distribution of tourists throughout the year. It determines the context of the environment in which the activities of tourists take place and represents the tourism resources. It is important for the planning and construction of tourism facilities and infrastructure, as well as the organization of tourism activities. This paper presents the tourism climatic index as a bioclimatic indicator for determining the conditions suitable for recreational tourism throughout the year. Research results according to the case study indicate the comparative advantages and also the lack of climate as the resource in tourism of Montenegro. There is an apparent underutilization of periods with climate conditions that work in favour of recreational forms of tourism. The uneven spatial and temporal arrangement of suitable climatic conditions in the tourist centres is the factor of the formation of seasonality of tourism trends. However, the results of linear correlation of tourism climatic index and monthly visits point to the incompatibility of potentials with capacity utilization.


climate, tourism, index, Montenegro, seasonality

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