The importance of local events in enriching the cultural and tourism offer

Bojana Spasojević, Dejan Berić, Ana Jovičić


In the municipality of Ruma twenty five events take place per year. Most of these events have local or regional character. The event "Christmas Street" is the youngest event which is being organized in Ruma, the first time was held in late 2011. The subject of this paper is to study this event that complements the existing tourism offer of Ruma as potential tourist destination of Vojvodina. The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of this event in the cultural enrichment of Ruma and its surroundings as well as the development of event tourism and positive presentation of the Municipality of Ruma. The significance of local events for enrichment of cultural-tourism offer will be presented as Case study of “Christmas street†in the city of Ruma.


event, Ruma, tourism, street

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