Urban transport and environmental protection: The scope of economic measures

Miomir Jovanović, Bojan Vračarević


Through the comparative analysis of the U. S., Western European and wealthy Asian metropolises and the metropolises of developing countries, the paper assesses the scope of environmental protection economic measures in the field of urban transport (primarily - taxes and charges). Isolated impact of these economic measures is, in fact, negligible, as the taxes and charges are yet the part of a complex package of measures in the field of urban planning and transport policy, aimed to achieve sustainable urban development: 1. spatial planning measures that reduce the total demand for transport in the city, 2. measures that are limiting the motor vehicles use and improving their technical and technological efficiency, 3. promotion of urban public transport, bicycle use and walking.


taxes and charges, urban transport, environmental protection, sustainable urban development, spatial planning, U.S. cities, wealthy Asian metropolises, Third World metropolises

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