Tourism potentials of the Raška region and development of rural tourism

Mila Pavlović, Rajko Golić


In order to find solutions for stopping negative economic processes in the Raška region, as well as land reclamation and depopulation of villages, one of the main activities is adequate restructuration of the economy, according to available resources. In this paper we analyze a place of tourism in the Raška region, as an activity to which is not given appropriate developmental role in the previous development policies, as opposed to diverse and attractive natural and anthropogenic values. In the paper we identify the most significant tourism potentials of the Raška region and their evaluation score. Special attention is given to rural tourism as one of the activities that can have a greater role in future plans for demographic and economic revitalization of this area. We analyze the current state of rural tourism in the Raška region, and indicate main limiting factors that prevent rapid development of this, in many ways, primary form of tourism.


Raška region, tourism potentials, cultural heritage, tourism, rural tourism

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