Speleological exploration results for Kamena Gora and Petnja, SW Serbia

Dragan Nešić, Milan Rabrenović


Speleomorphological exploration in the Kamena Gora village area and Petnja depression, parts of the Jabuka-Babine plateau bordering on Montenegro in the extreme SW of Serbia, is described in this paper in the sections on morphology, survey methods and general speleomorphologic and morphogenetic features of caves. The results of particular note are the two cave systems in Petnja depression: the Petnja Caves 551 m long and the Kurtova Jama system 650 m long, the latter probably being one of major speleologic features in Serbia. The big and small Mujova Caves and Bezdan are the three caves explored in Kamena Gora. The exploration should be continued at a general survey level.


speleomorphologic exploration, Kamena Gora, Petnja, SW Serbia

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