Climatic extremes in Serbia: Definitions, types and classification

Goran Anđelković


Climatic extremes as negative events are named to be one of the major problems of humankind today. Still, their complex and systematic study is missing - they are studied only as an “attachment” to the problem of contemporary climate changes. Number of terms is used arbitrarily, such as climatic extremes and extreme climate events. From the geographical perspective, there is a need to define extremes and classify them at first, and only then to establish criteria for their identification, to link the problem to the geographical base, etc. There should be a specific approach for every area on Earth. In this work 31 extreme climate events have been isolated and defined, and all of them, according to their specific characteristics and their harmfulness, have been classified into 5 categories. Systematic geographical studies of these events could intensify the fight against atmospheric hazards in Serbia and help the system of insurance of people and material goods. There should be regulations that would include precise definitions of all hazards with precise borders of the harmfulness of the event, then the assessment of the possible endangerment and the possibility of protection in certain regions, etc.


climate, extremes, events, Serbia, geography, definition, classification, importance

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