The state and perspectives of the development of spa tourism in the area of Jadar

Mirjana Gajić, Snežana Vujadinović


The paper represents an outline of the most important natural and anthropogenic tourist values on which the development of tourism of Jadar is based. It is pointed out to the most important deposits of thermomineral sources as the preconditions of the origin and development of spa centres. The largest economic effects are realized through development of health tourism in Banja Koviljaca which is the only one among spa centres that acquired the market affirmation as individual tourist motive. Banja Badanja has favorable conditions for development, still insufficiently affirmed and in shadow of far more famous Banja Koviljaca. The priorities of development of spa tourism are defined in the paper, and it is pointed to the significance of selective offer that depends on the conditions of successful organization of health spa, wellness-spa programmes and offered recreational contents.


spas, tourism, thermomineral sources, development, Jadar

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