Water quality analysis of Danube river in Serbia: Pollution and protection problems

Ana Milanović, Jelena Kovačević Majkić, Milovan Milivojević


Danube, as the most important European river provides opportunities for further economic development in Europe. Besides a number of potentials which this river has, there are certain limiting factors. One of the biggest problem is water quality and pollution, which will be the subject of analysis in this paper. Based on available data for the area of Serbia, it has been stated that the Danube is in III water quality class. According to data that have been collected about the biggest polluters, it was concluded that the biggest urban agglomerations and industry are inflexible located along the Danube River. For the purpose of revitalization and protection of river flow, in this article are presented some of the activities and projects in the European Union, in which is also Serbia included.


Danube, water quality, pollution sources, industry, environmental protection projects

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