The overall impact of Pleistocene glaciation on morphological diversity of uvalas at Durmitor and Žijovo

Predrag Đurović, Aleksandar Petrović, Sava Simić


The alternation of glacial and carts processes as the consequence of frequent changes of glacial and interglacial phases could be recognized at the mountains Durmitor and Žijovo. Re-modeling of glacial morphology (cirques and trough valleys) carved currently karst topography with domination of uvalas. Their size and shape vary considerably as the consequence of differences within the preexisting glacial forms. Duration and intensity of kartification, which re-modeled former glacial forms into karst landforms, determine the degree of uvalas development and formation of three distinct evolution types of high-mountainous uvalas: glacial, glacial-karst and glaciofluvial.


high-mountainous uvalas, glaciations, Durmitor, Žijovo, Montenegro

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