Geomorphologic study of tufa on the locality Bigreni stream (Donja Bela Reka)

Aleksandar Petrović, Dragana Nikolić


The tufa accumulations in the valley of Bigreni stream are morphogenetically complex. The great importance for the occurrence of tufa, as in majority of other accumulations in Eastern Serbia, has the vicinity of the karst spring. The presence of cascades in the gorge of Bigreni stream enabled primary formation of waterfall tufa. After partitioning the gorge, the phase of the barrier tufa accumulation began. The erosive phase is currently present and therefore, once unique accumulation has been divided into several smaller accumulations. The possibility for protection because of the vicinity of the protected capped spring and the beauty of tufa waterfalls indicate the potential for tourist exploitation of this locality.


tufa, models of tufa accumulation, protection of tufa, Donja Bela River, Eastern Serbia

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