Mineralization of the surface waters in the VisoÄica drainage basin: Supplement for the landscape-ecologic analysis

Sanja Mustafić, Predrag Manojlović, Miroljub Milinčić


The drainage basin is spatially and functionally clearly defined and relevant hydrologic, geomorphologic and ecologic landscape totality. Therefore, it mostly represents basic geo-spatial unit of generation, monitoring, and studying numerous physical-geographical and geo-ecologic occurrences and processes. One of the most important components of geo-space, on the level of basin, is manifested through the state and quality of surface waters. So, the acceptance of systematic approach in studying mineralization of the surface waters would contribute to the deeper understanding of the process in complex systematic surroundings which drainage basin represents. The VisoÄica Drainage Basin was chosen as proving ground of this kind of the research approach for several reasons. The highest specific runoff on the territory of Eastern Serbia, heterogeneous geologic structure of terrain, almost complete absence of the influence of the anthropogenic factor on the state of the environment, as well as the existence of water accumulation enabled perception of the values of dissolved mineral substances of surface waters as landscape-ecologic component of geo-space.


dissolved mineral substances, surface waters, specific runoffs, geology, ecology, the Visočica River, Eastern Serbia

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