The ageing of population in Kanjiza municipality

Daniela Arsenović, Branislav Đurđev, Anđelija Ivkov Džigurski


The aging of population in Vojvodina Province is one of the main political, national and economical issues. This paper presents the demographic situation in municipality of Kanjiza, researching the age structure. The aging is one of the most important demographic characteristics, which analyses the stage of development of a certain population. The consequence of low birthrate and emigrations in municipality of Kanjiza during the last 30- 40 years, is that the population in 1971. was in fourth stage of demographic development. The age structure in this paper is presented through the ageing of population, ageing index, age ratio, age group up to 20 year (young population) and age groups over 60 (old population), part of fertile and active population.


ageing population, age structure, middle age, Kanjiza

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