Distribution and possibilities of use of thermal and thermo-mineral waters in Macva

Mirjana Gajić, Snežana Vujadinović


According to its characteristics the deposit of thermal waters in Mačva is of world significance. The reservoir consists of the karstified Triassic limestone and dolomites where the water temperature of about 100ºC is expected. These phenomena were registered in Dubalj, Bogatić, Mačvanski Pričinović, Belotić, Metković and Klenj. There are real prerequisites for Mačva to become 'the hydro-geothermal region' with intensive exploitation of water. Present assessment shows that geothermal energy from thermal waters, exploited near Bogatic, could utilized in intensive agri and aqva cultural production of whole Macva, especially organic food according to restri word ecologic standards, as well as heating of Bogatic, Sabac, Loznica and Sremska Mitrovica.


Macva, thermal waters, organic food, heating, natural resource

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