Some spatial-demographic aspects of daily interaction of Belgrade and surroundings

Srboljub Stamenković, Dragica Gatarić


Belgrade as the capital of the Republic of Serbia represents, among others, one of the leading metropolises of Southeastern Europe and Balkan Peninsula. Its gravitation impacts-convergent and divergent, exceed to a great extent the borders of mother country. On basis of available data, by the census of 2002, it is for certain that 134,415 migrants - workers, pupils and students are moving daily to Belgrade and from Belgrade towards closer and broader surroundings, but mass of convergent daily migration is larger (120,585 migrants or 89.7%) than mass of divergent daily movements (13,830 migrants or 10.3%). Daily urban system of Belgrade includes considerable area of many diverse kinds and types of settlements wherefrom the city receives daily migrants and wherein it gives the migrants daily.


Belgrade, daily migrants (workers, pupils and students), settlement, convergent and divergent daily migrations

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