Theoretical bases of ecotourism and examples of potential ecotourism destinations in Serbia

Mirjana Gajić, Milica Cvetanović


Environmental protection is one of the most pressing issues of today. Preventing the degradation of ecosystem and the planning of its protection is made from different spheres and at different ways. Tourism, that is, ecotourism as a sustainable type contributes and at the same time stimulates sustainable development through the theoretical bases and practical activity. Ecotourism aims to promote tourism trends and visits of unique natural areas, but limited and sustainable. Revenues from ecotourism are used for appropriate monitoring of space and have a positive effect on the economic stability of local population. In recent time ecotourism has had a broader meaning as it is often associated with similar responsible tourism trends. The authors of the paper have pointed to the theoretical bases, the defining of concept and origins of ecological and sustainable tourism trends, the modern development of ecotourism in the world, as well as the regions and zones in Serbia to which the development of this type of tourism would be significant in terms of sustainable development.


ecotourism; sustainable development; environmental protection; national parks; Serbia.

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