Astrotourism - possibilities for development in Serbia

Marija Belij, Milutin Tadić


Astrotourism is a specific, new and perspective form of tourism which stands out from the mass tourist movement with special program that includes visits to astronomical observatories, with required astronomical observations. This form of tourism is considered to be "niche tourism" or special form of tourism which is intended for individuals or small groups, creating a diversity of offers in destinations. Astrotourism is now a modest, but not negligible part of the tourist destinations that wish to enrich its tourist offer. Like other small countries, Serbia has no spectacular planetarium, giant observatories and telescopes, but there are sufficient resources, with an interesting history, on the basis of which it can be offered to astrotourists original programs whose carrier should be Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" in collaboration with the Astronomical Observatory in Belgrade.


Astrotourism; Special interest tourism; Belgrade; Serbia.

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