Recent extreme air temperature changes in Montenegro

Dragan Burić, Vladan Ducić, Jovan Mihajlović, Jelena Luković, Jovan Dragojlović


The studies show that the changes in intensity and frequency of the extreme weather events have been registered in many regions of the world. This paper gives an analysis of the change of 12 air temperature parameters, out of which 9 are climate indices. The indices suggested by WMO-CCL/CLIVAR have been used in order to investigate the changes in temperature extremes. The research related to the topic has been carried out by using the data from 23 meteorological stations for the 1951 – 2010 period and calculations have been done on the seasonal level. The results show that the maximum and minimum air temperatures, which have “warmer valuesâ€, are becoming more frequent on the territory of Montenegro which corresponds to the general idea of global warming


temperature indices; extremes; trend; Montenegro.

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