The soil use in rural areas

Borislav Stojkov


The soil is becoming one of the crucial problems for the Nature and its proper functioning due to many reasons of its misusing or abusing. The market forces in agriculture are rapidly deteriorating the soil wild biodiversity and its capacity. The importance of the soil and its wild biodiversity, related to the water system and other ecological functions are presented in short outlines. Understanding the soil quality means assessing and managing soil that it functions optimally now and is not degradated for the future use. Evaluation of the soil quality in a different manner serves for agriculture embitterment and for keeping water and habitat organisms quality. Further, the instrument for soil protection policies implementation are given such as regional development planning, incentives for regional integration, social impacts oriented actions, education etc. The further soil decay will generally jeopardize the whole idea of sustainable development. Therefore it asks for more efficient understanding from decision makers, producers, but from planners as well.


soil, agriculture, sustainability, water management, rural areas

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