Spatial development analysis of the Danube region in Serbia in the function of sustainable development

Ljubica Petrović


The Danube river represents one of the most important European development potentials and the stemming point leading towards the European Integration. Although the water testings of the Danube river show that the Danube is, on its way out from the country, of better quality that on its entering, and that the presiding state of parametres of the living environment had deteriorated and is endangered by possible influences of anthropogenic origin which represent limiting factor of development of this area. This paper analizes the Danube significance in the territorial development of Serbia which is the main axis of development with the best developmental possibiities and economic potentials. The paper also shows that an evaluation of Danube river basin developmental potential has been carried out, which states the fact that inequalities in the degree of the region development and the evaluation of the living environment together with the identification of the worst pollutants, imply that the worst pollutants can be found in the regions which belong to the group of the stabile regions. The categorization of the living environment has been carried out on the basis of the condition evaluation and analysis a ccording to the Spatial Plan of the Republic of Serbia after which the precaution measures are installed , on whose basis the further sustainable development of this area would be realized.


Danube river basin; environment; potential; degradation; sustainable development

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