New media in teaching of geography: Literature review

Slađana Anđelković, Dragana Pavlović


This paper provides an overview of published scientific papers in refereed journals on the use of new media in teaching geography. Relevant previous research on the application of GIS in the process of teaching at the secondary and higher education is considered from critical aspects. The main objective of this theoretical study is to systematically and chronologicaly point to the central themes that were dealt with by researchers in the context of the study of GIS in teaching geography. Research has shown that the interest of researchers for GIS in education stydies is growing in line with the development of information and communication technologies, that study topics of the problem varied, and that the number of research and range of topics increases after 2000.

Key words: new media, GIS, geography teaching, research, young people, teachers


new media; GIS; geography teaching; research; young people; teachers

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