Anthropogenic impacts on the stability of the forest ecosystems in Belgrade - comparative analysis of Košutnjak forest and Zvezdarska forest

Dragana Rašković


In this paper will be analyzed the environmental statusof the two recently protected forest areas in Belgrade –Košutnjak forest and Zvezdarska forest. Due to their specific position inside the urban structure, these park forests are exposed to the high level of pollution and degradation originating from anthropogenic sources. This paper will include all present forms of threats to the stability of these ecosystems, both in their immediate surroundings, as well as within their borders. For clear presentation of the devastating anthropogenic impact,on the protected forest ecosystems remote sensing – NDVI analysis of the appropriate satelite imagesegments will be preformed in order to detect the differences of the state of vegetation covers registrated in 1986 and 2010. According tothe need for efficient management system for the affected natural areas in the urban structure, in the end will be presented concrete protection measures, whose continous aplication can bring to the progradation of their state.


urban forests; anthropogenic pollution; fragmentation; NDVI index; protection; management

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