Tourist-geographic survey of Sokobanja

Jasmina Jovanović, Aleksandar Radivojević


The spa resort Sokobanja has undergone a long and continual tourism development. In the year 1827. the first guest was registered. Since then Sokobanja has occupied a significant place in the development of Serbian spa tourism. According to the number of visits and night-beds, Sokobanja has held the second place since 1975. The record number of visits (98.471) was achieved in 1987. and the record number of night-beds (840.484) in 1986. This paper points to the advantages of the tourism-geographic position of Sokobanja, significant and versatile treasure of its natural and anthropogenic resources, as well as the material basis for its tourism development. In addition, the basic features and tendencies of the so far development are highlighted and possibilities for further tourism development are considered.


Sokobanja, tourism, tourism resources, tourist flow, material basis, developmental tendencies

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