The results of the speleological and speleoclimatic explorations of the great ice-cellar on Devica and of the ice-cellars of Rtanj and Tupiznica

Dragan Nešić


The Great ice-cellar on Devica and the ice-cellars of Rtanj and Tupiznica are karst pits of the Karpatho-Balkan mountain system of the Eastern Serbia. These are specific speleological objects with the static ice-cellar characteristics and that implies the permanent retaining of the cold pit air without any circulation and also periodical duration of ice and snow. The climatic features of these pits are conditioned by their morphological characteristics and by the mountain climate. Our speleoclimatic explorations have pointed out to some smaller daily and somewhat bigger annual swayings of pit air temperature. These annual swaying influence the appearance and melting of ice and the absence of the air circulation between the pit and the outside in the warmer part of the year, while during the winter this circulation is present. Morphologically, these ice-cellars belong to the type of common oblique pits, while morphogenetically they are of tectonic-karst base.


karst pit, ice-cellar, speleoclimatology, Karpatho-Balkan, eastern Serbia

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