Radomir Marković, Jovan Cvijić Medal Winer

Milovan Radovanović


Radomir Marković was born in 1930 in Belgrade, where he has finished his secondary education in 1949. He graduated in 1953 at Geografical Department of the Facylty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Belgrade. In 1957 he began to work as a geographu teacher in Elementary school “Radica Ranković" in the village Lozovik, count of Velika Plana, where he has retired in 1981. He successfully defended his dissertation “Cosmic researches of natural enviroment of Moon and planets of Solar system” in 1976. With unusual enthusiasam, he achieved great succes in widening the knowledge and popularisation of cosmic geography and astronautic. In 1957 he founded "Club of United Nations“ in Lozovik, first of that kind in Yugoslavia, Club of young lovers of astronautic named “Lajka“ later “Yuriy Gagarin“ and Planetarium. Becouse of his extraordinary efforts during International geophysical year of 1957/58 and during International congress of astronautic federation which was held in 1967 in belgrade, Radomir Marković got reputation of Yugoslav's first education for astronautic and cosmic geography. He opened great number of exhibitions related to this theme which were attended by eminent experts from Yugoslavia and other countries. Also, cosmonauts from USSR: German Titov, Andrian Nikolaev, Pavel Popovic. Vitaly Sevastianov and Viktor Savinih come to Lozovik to meet Radomir Marković. For that reason Lozovik is called “Willage of cosmonauts" and Marković itself, among astronauts and in media, is called “Serbian Ciolkovski”. In 1987, as invited from USSR's Science committee, profesor marković taught lessons in Star City and Kaluga in Moskow, where the State museum for cosmonautic gave him Diploma and Medal Ciolkovski. In 1991 Star City gave him the Diploma and Golgen Medal of Yuriy Gagarin. Веsides these, Marković has been given lot of awards in Yugoslavia as well as in other countries.


Radomir Marković, Jovan Cvijić Medal Winer, geography, Serbia

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