Sustainable tourism chance for development Bosnia and Herzegovina

Aleksandar Lugonja


Bosnia and Herzegovina is reach in many resources such as geographical position, climate, nature. Neither its government nor its people realize the huge potential and possible benefits that tourism can bring about helping them to prosper economically. Tourism is playing more and more important role in national and local economies. There is no evidence that this trend will decline. Visitors can significantly contribute to the local and national economy and the economic multiplier effect of this spend, in turn, supports employment and secondary tourist facilities. Similarly, in the determination of future proposals that could impact on the setting, character and appearance of its potentials, special care is needed by planners and promoters to assess its potential. The key to the sustainable approach to tourism and the cultural heritage is the preparation of appropriate master plan that takes into account the identified overall effects in order to guide the course of development in a way that protects those very resources that attract visitors and that does not cause in the short, medium and long term any reduction in their character or appearance. In the present tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina is at a low level of development and international competitiveness, but according to projections UNWTO, and in accordance with the "Vision for Tourism to 2020 years", should that become a strategic economic sector in the coming period which will contribute to economic prosperity, economic growth and development of national economy.


development; sustainability; tourism; environmental impact; master plan; strategies.

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