The climate of Montenegro: Modificators and types - part two

Dragan Burić, Vladan Ducić, Jovan Mihajlović


The main objective of this study is to emphasize the basic climate modificators and types in Montenegro. Rarely could you find such a small area with more climate types and several subtypes and varieties as it is the case here. The most important climate modificators in Montenegro have been discussed in the Part One of the study, such as: mathematical – geographical position, relief dissection, atmospheric circulation and the Adriatic Sea. Atlantic and Mediterranean aquatories and Eurasian landmass play an important part in climate modification in the area of Montenegro. These vast areas represent the source of atmospheric action centres and air masses. In the Part Two of this study, the climate regionalization of Montenegro is given according to the Köppen criteria, as it has been proved that it gives a good basis for solving several practical and scientific problems.


climate; modificators; types; Köppen; Montenegro.

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