Ocean and atmosphere coupling, connection between sub-polar Atlantic air temperature, Icelandic minimum and temperature in Serbia

Boško Milovanović, Milan Radovanović, Vladan Ducić


In the presented paper correlation between the northern part of the Atlantic ocean (belt between 50-65°N) and the atmospheric pressure is examined. Connection between the ocean temperature and atmospheric pressure is the most obvious in the El Nino southern oscillation mechanism. Thus, so far it is not known that such a mechanism exist in the Atlantic ocean. The main accent in the presented paper is focused on the connection between Iceland low and the sea surface temperature (SST) in the subpolar part of the Atlantic ocean (used data are in grid 5x5°). By hierarchical cluster analysis five relatively unified clusters of sea surface temperatures grid cells are defined. By multiple linear regression, we examined the correlation between each of the depicted clusters with position and intensity of Iceland low, and identified the most important grid cells inside every cluster. The analysis of the relation between Iceland low and air temperature in Serbia and Belgrade has shown the strongest correlation for the longitude of this centre of action.


cluster analysis, multiple linear regression, subpolar Atlantic ocean, Iceland low, air temperature, Serbia

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